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About Alpacas

Alpacas are members of the camelid family.

There life span longevity (approximately 20 to 25 years) could be attributed to their high disease resistance.

The average height of an alpaca is 34' to 38' at the withers, and weighs approximately 100 to 175 lbs.

An alpaca eats approximately two square bales a month.

They are the oldest domesticated animal selectively bred for quality fibre.

Gestation averages 11.5 months, giving one offspring (called a cria) per year.

Alpacas can be bred any time of the year, females at 14 to 24 months. Alpacas are amazingly smart and alert animals, who quickly learn to halter train for show, promotion and general entertainment. They are extremely clean, relatively odorless and use a community dung area.
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